Get the latest news about Protocol Buffers.

News topics provide information about past events and changes with Protocol Buffers, and plans for upcoming changes. The information is available both chronologically and per-release. Note that not everything is included in the per-release topics, as some content is not tied to a version.

New news topics will also be published to the protobuf@ mailing list under the subject [Announcement].


The following news topics provide information in the reverse order in which it was released.

Per Release

The following new topics provide per-release information. All News entries appear in the chronological listing in the previous section, but only entries that are specific to a particular version appear in the pages listed in this section.

These pages do not replace the release notes, as the release notes will be more complete. Also, not everything from the chronological listing will be in these topics, as some content is not specific to a particular release.